earrings galore

The very first items of jewellery I made, many years ago, were earrings.

There's something about symmetry. Funny that, I realize as I write this, because for a long time I only wore one earring. I had only one earlobe pierced, because I was such a tomboy.

Anyways. One day the goddess of symmetry hit me on the head and introduced my friend Linda, somewhere in the North of England, In the city of York where many a lesson was learnt by me about beauty, be it in gardens, music, clothing or architecture.

Linda looked stunning. All of the time.

She shopped at Oxfam, car-boot sales, fleamarkets and charity sales of all description. She owned only beautiful objects, her boyfriend drove the sweetest car in town, and her haircut was perfect. All of the time, too. She cut it herself, it goes without saying.

Linda wore two earrings that dangled deliciously just under the line of her perfectly cropped hair, and although she would never be harsh enough to make any unkind comments, I knew fairly soon after meeting her that my teenage tomboy one-earring-only days were over. I had my second earlobe pierced and soon afterwards made my first pair of ear pendants.

My first serious earring production dates back to the time when I lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas.

Sea glass.

Two triangles of green sea glass that looked similar enough to become a pair. Wrapped in metal wire, and hey presto, a pretty dangly beach treasure.
Next came shells, various exotic seeds, rocks, coral, and the less obvious lobster horns, my favourite ;)

Back to Europe, sea glass was my staple material for several years, then enter beach plastic, as you know if you have read the beach plastic section (Are you with me? just checking)

I love earrings. I wear them everyday, I love, LOVE the lightness of my plastic earrings.

When I make them I sometimes go crazy and work outside the frame of the collection I'm supposed to be working on.
Some collections start with earrings.
Some earrings are so cool that I carry on making them long after I have stopped making the other pieces in the collection.