Although I do make small series, each piece is truly and totaly unique because whenever I try to make the same piece twice for the sake of productivity, I get bored.


 I use very simple tools: a pair of scissors, a leather hole punch, a lighter. And a mini-drill, which is my only electrical equipment. I do not draw a piece before I make it. I make it, that's all. Ideas come fom making things. And from

handling all my found treasures / incidental encounters / the ridiculous challenge of making pairs (of earrings) with fragments that are not the same / clients' kind suggestions


clasps n' things

I do not buy clasps, I usually find another way of attaching my necklaces. Which means:

(often) you can adjust the lentgh of the necklace / no metal against your skin, whcich means no allergy. All good.


I do buy earring hooks. Nickel-free, silver-plated, high quality leverbacks, actually. I chose the leverback type because most of my earrings are so light you would not notice if they slipped out and fell. And I think they look good, too!

jewellery that lasts

Many customers are surprised by how strong my jewellery is. Because it is light and sometimes delicate (like the POP rings), people assume it must be fragile - it is not!

For one thing, I do not think the world needs any more disposable items, our oceans are already choking with them. For another, my jewellery has to survice life at the bottom of my handbag/jeans/coat, so it's built to last.

However, should a piece break, please send it back: I am truly happy to repair any item I made because it means somebody somewhere likes it enough to want to continue wearing it, and that is the best compliment for me. Sweet!